Clint Newell YOU ROCK!!! I came in with the angry attitude just waiting for the "salesman buzzards" to sell me something I don't want. You know the type; their the ones who maul you right as you pull in. In order to fight with these salesman I had to get ready, I picked a fight with my wife, I called her sisters Fat, and I told my mom that it was me who brushed the dogs teeth with her toothbrush! Now I was ready for the Clint Newell Salesman. I pulled onto the lot and found a vehicle that I liked. I looked at it for maybe 10 minutes, when out saundered Bill Krebs (hopefully I got his last name right) and asked if I wanted to see inside the vehicle. I answered YES with a lot of bad attitude. Then he said, "Take your time and have a look inside and if you have any questions I'll be over there, Just ask for Bill" WHAT! NO PUSHING ME TO LOOK AT THIS INSTEAD OF THAT?! NO FIGHTING OR ASKING ME HOW MUSH MONEY I HAVE??!! WHERE'S THE FIGHT?!?! I TRAINED FOR THE FIGHT! WHERE'S THE FIGHT?!?! Bill let me take the truck for a ride, only when I was ready, he introduced me to the Clint Newell Staff. They walked me through all the paperwork and showed me how all the gadgets worked in my truck. The whole staff was excellent. And NO FIGHT! Thank you Bill, and thank you C. Newell Staff! I had a great day and had a lot of fun. And to top it off Bill sold me a GREAT Truck!

Stuart Barker
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Since our establishment in 1985, we here at Clint Newell GM have worked hard to serve the Roseburg, Eugene, Coos Bay, Grants Pass, Medford and Winston areas with the best quality service and vehicles around. Whether you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a new Acadia, Equinox or Traverse, or need some work done on your current vehicle, we’re your one-stop shop for it all. Our helpful staff here at Clint Newell GM is always ready to go above and beyond to ensure that everyone always has a great experience with us.

As the home of a good deal, we’re committed that you get great quality work, service and vehicles all for a great price every time you set foot on our lot. We’ll work with you, without being overbearing to help you find the model that’s perfect for you.

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